Swearing in of Officers Firefighter of the year Unit Citation Unit Citation

Swearing in Officers

Jim Burns swearing President Paul O'Brien, 1st VP Jeff , Bergstrom, 2nd Vp Tom Totten, Director John Cassidy, Secretary June Gunza, Fianancial Secretary George Hill, Treasurer Mike Karashay, Director George Stacy

Fire Fighters of the Year

President Penney with Fire Fighters of the year from Orange County  Jesica Bugbe and Jeanne Lent


Unit Citation

Hastings on Hudson Unit citation Award

Unit Citation

Unit Citation Port Ewen FD

Swearing in of Officers Fire Fighters of theYear Hastings on Hudson Unit Citation Port Ewen
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Hudson Valley Volunteer Fireman's Association
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• HVVFA day at the Firemen's Home

Sept. 27th Hudson Valley Day at the Home & Legislative meeting 10am

• HVVFA Board Meeting Oct 18, 2015 1:00pm Verplanck Fire Department


HVVFA Convention

Parade Results
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By-Laws Committee

Liaison: Rick Penny

John Gunza**                                                                      
Jeffrey French*
Robert Outhouse                                                                   
Thomas McKinney

"Duties of the By-Laws Committee"

Receive. in writing, by the SPRING meeting of the Association, all proposed amendments, alterations or revisions to the Association By-Laws and after due consideration and review of the same, make recommendations to the Association, as they feel necessary, in writing, on the first day of the convention, (before noon) and present them again on the second day of the convention, (before noon) for a vote by the membership.
Any such proposed amendments, alterations or revisions are to be printed in the official program journal for distribution at the convention.
The said committee is to provide a written report of their yearly activities, for publishing in the official convention program journal.

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